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Share information about your products or services with a brochure that looks good. It's important that the content is easy to read and there are some eye-catching elements to encourage people to read on. Brochures can be made in many different shapes, sizes and materials. A brochure is a tool for a business to make e.g. a product or a service get attention. Note that we can publish brochures online digitally with customizable viewing.


You can't make a huge impact with just a logo itself, but it can play a key role for example when a designer is building a brochure or a website. It may assist a designer to develop other graphical elements so that everything works together. A logo has to look good on many different platforms. This makes the selection of colors and fonts crucial. A logo is like a stamp that will show up in many different places.


Nowadays every ambitious business has a website. People look for products, services, jobs, education, etc. via search engines daily. The graphic design has to be appealing and the interface should be as simple to use as possible. Otherwise a common user gets bored and frustrated quickly and leaves the site. We use Content Management Systems that are easy to use for an administrator. Note that we also provide Flash content (banners etc.).


Magazines, newspapers, tabloids etc. are good places to gain visibility. Professionally made advertisements look appealing and stand out. Many people still read newspapers daily, so this is a great opportunity to spread information about your business to the world. Good adverts are informative, well presented, and make your business look professional and trustworthy.


We also design magazines, newspapers, tabloids and annual reports. The layout must be uniform throughout. The key factors are typography and a certain rhythm in every spread. There are many things to take into account when it comes to readability and layout altogether.


Advertising agency Fristyle has provided layout desings for books for years, designing intriguing covers and easy-to-read typography. We can help a customer to save money by suggesting different types of solutions in the use of colors, material and printing technology. We cooperate with the printing industry professionals.

Product packages

It goes without saying that a good looking product package on the shelves of a store is more interesting than the boring one right next to it. The product info should be clearly visible and the strengths of the product should be highlighted. Of course you can't do miracles with a quality package - the product is what counts in the end. But the package can assist the buyer to make the final purchasing decision.


With 3D we can visualize for example objects or scenes that don't exist yet. This is a good way to design, for example, product packages before the actual package is being made.
• Process images for factories
• Product packages
• Images that are impossible to actually photograph
• Use your imagination!

Document templates

Word and Powerpoint are widely used in enterprises. We provide tailored template designs that can be used in corporate presentations or documents customized by the client. We can create an empty document or a presentation with a company logo, contact information and other graphic elements and the client can add the text etc. It's a professional touch to corporate media.

These are some of our most common products. Please contact us if you have something in mind related to these products, maybe we can help. Contact -page.